Peace at Pundaquit

Sunset at Pundaquit. Tranquility and peace in Pundaquit. Best relaxation place..

Vacation at Pundaquit

Vacation at Pundaquit, the best in summer time is going to Pundaquit, Zambales. From Pundaquit you can see the Capones Island and Camara Island.

Potipot Resorts

Here is the list of the more popular resorts in Potipot Island, Zambales.

Dawal Beach Resort

Bloom Resort

Going to Potipot Island

Going to Potipot Island

Potipot Island is located roughly 1 kilometers from the mainland shore of Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales. Uacon is about forty six km north of Iba, Zambales. From Manila, take the North Expressway and exit at San Fernando. From San Fernando, head southwestward all the way toward Olongapo City. Right before the city boundary of Olongapo, there is a bypass way via the Subic Base Metropolitan Authority SBMA which you may want to take to avoid passing through the city. Take this bypass road through SBMA and exit at its Kalaklan gate then head northwestward to Subic town, Castillejos, Sn Marcelino, up to the T-junction near San Narciso.

At the t junction near San Narciso, turn right and head north through the towns of San Narciso, San Felipe, Cabangan, Botolan, up to Iba. From Iba, head for Masinloc then towards Candelaria. Do not enter Candelaria town proper. Instead, head straight, and continue along the National Road while keeping an eye for the signs. There are many resorts that you can choose from but the most famous on the town is the Dawal Beach Resort.

Going to Capones Island

Capones Island at Zambales. Fifteen minutes of boat ride from the Pundaquit Beach in San Antonio, Zambales brings you to Capones Island. Its must climb lighthouse offers an amazing view of the South China Sea. The trek to the lighthouse itself is interesting. 

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