Wild Rose Beach Inn

We stayed in this place called Wild Rose Beach Resort Inn. We stayed at the Inn for 2 nights and 3 days. Wish we had stayed there longer. I love the place a lot. I stayed there for 3 hours waiting for the sun to set. You can see everything once your up there. The sea, mountains, nearby houses, and the canopy. The lighthouse is the tallest structure in Pundaquit.

We rented the Kubo and 2 Rooms. The Kubo is super cool, seperated into two rooms with a fan and comfortable. we rented 2 airconditioned rooms. I stayed in the airconditioned room, the room is clean. The bathroom is cool. everything is fully functional, water heater and all. It contains everything that you ever need. Wild Rose has cool interiors, specially the main building. It has its own Wifi spot! Beat that, having a wireless network in Pundakit is cool. The karaoke area is a hit, lots of people stay there and there is the bar with all the drinks that you wanna order. The swimming pool is really clean.

Pundaquit, Zambales

+63 (910) 661 5613 
+63 (915) 836 6092

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